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In today's rapidly changing music industry, singers must learn to navigate many different artistic choices.  When armed with the correct knowledge, training, and tools, the journey can be productive, fulfilling, and exciting.

To become a working professional, a singer must have an in-depth understanding of every part of their voice, and know the musical considerations that differentiate various musical styles.  In order to extend their career, a singer needs to recognize and constantly be aware of the changes taking place in the industry, and adjust their personal approach accordingly.  At the same time, singers have to be conscious of the health of their instrument.    

The human voice has remained virtually unchanged, and is impervious to most of the technological advances that have developed in the music industry in recent years.  Therefore, it is the singer that must adapt to the technology taking place.  Whether a singer is a classical artist, a rock star, or a Broadway performer, they must remain updated, and constantly improving the techniques that contribute to great singing.   This is an ongoing challenge.

Physical freedom, flawless tone, technical production, stylistic authenticity, and a sincere emotional connection to the song are aspects of singing that every vocalist should strive to achieve.
In addition, to survive in today’s competitive environment, a singer must understand the harsh realities of the business side of singing.  To be successful, effective business strategy is an essential accompaniment to the art and the science of singing.
Where do singers and teachers of singers go to stay in touch with the changes taking place in the music industry? The collective knowledge of singers who ACTUALLY WORK in the business is an important resource to be tapped, exchanged and handed down for the art form to continue to evolve.   It is from this reality that the Singer Symposium was developed…grouping together successful singers of all types and experts in the field to share their knowledge.  

Jackie Presti
Program Director, Singer Symposium

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