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Singer Symposium Exhibitor- Sponsorship Opportunities

The attendees at Singer Symposium 2008 will be many of the most serious and dedicated professional singers, aspiring professional, and teachers of singing in the greater New York area.  

Promotion opportunities at the Singer Symposium are as follows.

A)    Table Top Exhibit.  Only ten Table Tops will be sold.
     $ 450/ table top

The Singer Symposium will provide one six foot table, which touches the wall.  In order to provide maximum exposure, the table tops will be located in the main conference room and in the hallway, just outside the conference area where the singers will mingle during registration, the lunch period, and coffee breaks.   

The exhibitor’s contact information- short description of their offerings will be posted on the Singer Symposium web site, www.singersymposium.com as soon as a contract is signed and payment is made. Also, exhibitors will be listed on the program hand-out.  In addition, the exhibitors will be thanked by name from the podium.  The audience will be encouraged to visit exhibits during each of the four breaks.  The cumulative exhibit time will be over two hours.  

B)    Sponsorship opportunities. Only five sponsorship opportunities are available.

All five sponsorships will include the posting of the sponsor’s logo on the Singer Symposium web
site (www.singersymposium).  The five sponsors will be thanked by name from the podium.
     $ 600/ sponsorship

B-1) Coffee Breaks Sponsorship:  There will be three coffee and tea breaks. The sponsor’s company name will be prominently displayed beside service area.    
B-2) Lunch Sponsorship: SOLD, Each attendee will receive a complete box lunch including chicken/ veggie wrap, cole slaw, potato salad, chips, cookie, fruit, and drink. The sponsor’s company name will be prominently displayed beside service area.    
B-3) Registration Sponsorship:  Each attendee will receive a name tag and neck lanyard for identification.   The sponsor’s company name will be predominantly displayed beside the registration area.   

B-4) Piano Sponsorship: A piano placed on the main conference stage, will play a prominent role in many of the Singer Symposium conference room sessions.  The sponsor’s company name will be prominently displayed on stage, beside the piano.

B-5) Evening Concert Sponsorship:  The Singer’s Symposium will conclude with one hour concert.  Presently planned is Sirius Satellite Radio’s talk show host, comedy writer, humorist, and pianist Seth Rudetsky, offering his entertaining view of the world of singing. The sponsor’s company name will be prominently displayed on stage. A representative from the evening concert sponsoring company will be invited to introduce the performer.  Upon conclusion, the Singer Symposium Artistic Director, Jackie Presti, will not only thank the performer, but also thank the evening concert sponsor.

C)    Table Top Plus Sponsorship Combination:  In order to increase the promotional impact and Singer
      Symposium visibility, some companies will choose to order several promotional opportunities. For each
      promotion over one, Singer Symposium management  will offer a $ 50 discount.  

Companies wishing to explore other promotional opportunities should contact management.

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