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 Join us in thanking and welcoming the Accidentals to this year’s Singer Symposium!

“They are a vocal orchestra!... they sing some of the most complex arrangements in all of acappelladom...” says Roy Sander, of Backstage.
The Accidentals came together years ago to sing at the Bottom Line in a benefit for a homeless shelter. “Many of us had been part of a larger chamber choir and our idea was to combine classical repertoire with original material of all known styles” (and some styles as yet unknown).

“We loved singing together, so we kept on - week after week and year after year! We sing just about everywhere: on streets, and in subways, on TV, radio and in films, in hospitals, in grand concert halls, while lost on drafty school buses with broken seats (singing through cold and hunger on unpaved country roads in the middle of the night), in airports, in the homes of the rich and famous, and in the more modest homes of friends and family. On we sing, through rain and sleet and...actually it's hard to get us to quiet down at all.”

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